Tutorial: Screen Recording in Mac OSX

Mac OSX users can easily create video screen recordings using the included Quicktime Player application, version 10. These videos can be helpful for creating software demonstrations and teaching materials, or help a technician troubleshoot your machine if they are not in the same room as you. If you are looking to take single images of screen elements, see our tutorial on Taking a Screenshot.

To start a video screen recording, launch Quicktime Player. (If you have multiple versions of Quicktime Player, select the one that looks like the following.)

Quicktime X logo

Inside Quicktime Player, select File Menu > New Screen Recording.

Quicktime New Screen Recording

A very simple panel with a large red Record button appears.

Quicktime Screen Recording Button

Click on the triangle on the right side of the panel to configure audio, quality, and save location settings.

Quicktime Screen Recording Settings

Click the large red Record button when you're ready. You will get a confirmation screen with instructions on how to stop the recording session when you are finished. Click Start Recording when you are ready.

Quicktime Screen Recording Start

After you stop your recording, Quicktime Player usually opens your new recording automatically for your review. You can also find your new screen recording in the folder specified in the audio, quality, and save location settings.

Tips for better screen recordings

  • Before starting a screen recording, clean up your Desktop to remove distracting and confusion elements!
  • Remember to set the audio input if you want to narrate while recording your screen.
  • Don't forget you can edit the recording in iMovie or Final Cut Pro afterward.