Equipment Checkout at Lathrop Library

The Lathrop Tech Lounge is also a library for equipment, available for loan using your SUID card. Our most popular items include miniDV camcorders, Mac laptops, portable projectors, external hard drives, and AV cables of all kinds.

  • For a partial listings of our offerings, check out Searchworks and Items Available for Checkout.
  • All items at the Tech Lounge are due by 5PM of the next day of business.  Not to be confused with "business day", the Lathrop Tech Lounge is open on most weekends and even some holidays.  Upon equipment check-in (must include their original accompanying cases, bags, etc), the items will be taken off your record. Please check our Hours of Operation to learn when you can check equipment in and out.
  • You may check out multiple pieces of equipment for free, but only one unit of each kind of equipment, as others may be waiting to use the equipment also.
  • Extended Checkout: You may rent any item(s) for an additional $10 per day. Similar item(s) are an additional $10 each (not including the charge for additional days). Once items are late, you will be charged a late fee for each barcoded item.
  • Renewing Items: You must come to the Lathrop Tech Lounge in person with all checked out items, and accompanying cases & bags, in order to renew them.  An item can only be renewed if at least one duplicate item is available for checkout.  If no duplicate item is available for checkout, Consultants cannot renew the item within 60 minutes.
  • Overdue Items: You will receive email notification when you keep our equipment beyond the due date. Patrons will be billed for overdue returns for each barcoded item at a cost of $5-$15 per item, per day. Patrons will be billed the full replacement cost for items never returned. Fines must be paid online at
  • All items are available on a first-come served basis. Holds and requests for interlibrary loans of our equipment are not honored.  We do not have a reservation or waiting list system for our equipment. You can call the desk to ask what equipment we have in and available, but it cannot be held for you.
  • You can look up Lathrop Library items you have checked out by going to and clicking the "My Account" button.