Flex Class - Meyer 220


Wide-angle photo of Flex Class

The Meyer Flex Class is designed to support courses that utilize collaborative pedagogies. The Flex Class features dual interactive whiteboards for whole-class sharing and displays for small-group interactions. In addition, the Flex Class offers a full complement of ACS software applications. 

The original Flexible Class-Lab opened in January of 1996, in Meyer 220, as a classroom for instructors who wished to teach with technology but wanted an alternative to traditional computer labs. The Class-Lab was furnished with multicolored beanbags and mobile tables and chairs. The rear-projection display system and wireless laptops created a technologically advanced learning environment that was ideal for small-group collaborative activities.
Meyer Flex-Class beanbags with students

The Flex Class hosts courses using collaborative technologies and integrating the use of large- and small-group shared displays.

If you are interested in applying to teach in the Flex Class, email classrooms[at]acomp.stanford.edu.


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