Tutorial: Auto Document Feeder

We have two Epson Perfection 1680 auto-document-feeder (ADF) scanners on the 2nd Floor of Meyer, inside the Multimedia Studio (MMS).

Proper Ordering & Orientation of Sheets

  • The first page you wish to scan should be on top.
  • The front of the page (i.e., the side you wish to scan for single-sided sheets) should be facing upward.
  • If you are scanning in a portrait orientation, the top of the page you wish to scan should be closer to the inner edge of the tray (i.e. the part of the page that will be fed in first).

Scan multiple pages into a PDF document is a two-step process using VueScan and Adobe Acrobat. For reference, a 30-page scanned document at standard settings is roughly 3 MB as a PDF.

Scanning with VueScan

  • Log into a MMS cluster machine with an Epson 1680 scanner.
  • Launch VueScan.
  • Click [Advanced] at the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • On the 'Input' tab (which should be open), change the following settings.
    • Mode: Doc Feeder
    • Batch scan: All
    • Scan resolution: Custom
      • Scan dpi: 300 (should be automatic).
  • Output tab, change the following settings.
    • Uncheck JPEG file
    • Check PDF file.
    • Check PDF multi page.
  • Next to 'Default folder', click the [@] button and select a location to save the file. TempStorage is recommended.
  • Load the document into the feeder
  • Click [Scan] in the bottom left corner.
  • If the window 'Multi page scanning' appears, click [OK] to close the window.
  • Once all pages have scanned, select File -> Last page. The PDF will be processed and appear in Preview. Close Preview. Close VueScan.
  • If you would like to rotate pages, close Adobe Reader and open your file in Adobe Acrobat Professional. Select Document Menu > Rotate Pages and select the appropriate options. Save the file when you are done editing.

Optimizing with Adobe Acrobat Professional

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat Professional.
    • If a log-in window appears asking for an administrator's name and password, click [Cancel].
    • If a window appears stating that Acrobat is not the default application for PDFs, check 'Do not show this message again' and click [No]. Acrobat will finish loading, despite no windows appearing.
  • With Acrobat as the active application, open the PDF you have just scanned.
  • File -> Save As...
    • Format: Adobe PDF Files, Optimized
    • Name the file, select a location to save.
    • [Save].
  • If desired, convert to OCR
    • Document -> OCR Text Recognition -> Recognize text using OCR...
    • Keep default settings, click [OK].
    • Save file.